Freddie Johnston

Number & Position: #4 Forward
Nickname: -
Years Playing Competitive Basketball? 0
Who is you’re Favourite NBA Team? Haven’t chosen a team yet
Who is you’re Favourite NBA Player? Again don’t have one yet
What other sports do you Play competitively? Rugby and cricket
Other extra Curricular activities: n/a
Other Hobbies Reading, PS3
What is you’re favourite academic subject at school? Biology
What is you’re Favourite TV Show? Mock the Week, the QI and Silk
What is you’re Favourite Movie? The hurt locker, The inbetweeners movie
What is you’re favourite Car? Buggati Veyron
What Car would you like for your first car? Red and Black convertible Mini
Tell us about your Siblings I have one sister named Megan, she is two years younger than me.
Who is you’re Role model? Johnny Wilkinson, Lawrance Dallaglio