Philip ‘PJ’ Russell

Number & Position: #12 Forward
Nickname: P.J
Years Playing Competitive Basketball? 0
Who is you’re Favourite NBA Team? Miami Heat
Who is you’re Favourite NBA Player? Lebron James
What other sports do you Play competitively? Rugby, Cricket
Other extra Curricular activities: School Technician for shows and concerts
Other Hobbies Rugby, Playing with mates, using phone and cricket.
What is you’re favourite academic subject at school? Music/PE/ICT
What is you’re Favourite TV Show? Don’t know
What is you’re Favourite Movie? Step Brothers/Blindside
What is you’re favourite Car? Land Rover/ Range Rover
What Car would you like for your first car? Vauxhall Astra
Tell us about your Siblings 2 brothers and 1 sister
Who is you’re Role model? Ben Russell