Robin Bedford

Number & Position: #9 Guard
Nickname: Bedford
Years Playing Competitive Basketball? 0
Who is you’re Favourite NBA Team? Miami Heat
Who is you’re Favourite NBA Player? Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul
What other sports do you Play competitively? U13 Football premiere League
Other extra Curricular activities: Tennis, Athletics
Other Hobbies
What is you’re favourite academic subject at school? PE
What is you’re Favourite TV Show? NBA tonight, two and a half men
What is you’re Favourite Movie? American Pie
What is you’re favourite Car? Aston Martin
What Car would you like for your first car? Smart car
Tell us about your Siblings I have 1 sister called Chloe who is 16 years old and a step brother called Luke who is 13 years old
Who is you’re Role model? Derrick Rose