The primary school coaching programme available to schools offers 6 weeks of coaching within the school (1 hour a week) for 1 group of boys and girls in year’s 3-6, with a maximum of 30 children per session.  The sessions can be used during school curriculum time (PE or PPA cover) or as an afterschool coaching session. To encourage sustainability, we suggest that afterschool sessions are charged per person at £1.00 per session. This allows the possibility for the sessions to continue after the funded sessions have finished.

The 6 weeks will provide the opportunity for children to learn the game of basketball and provide preparation sessions for the schools festivals provided throughout the year.

Afterschool clubs can be set up at schools after the initial 6 weeks have been delivered (even if the school has had the programme delivered during curriculum time)

The programme will provide exit routes to the primary community coaching sessions delivered by Ware Rebels Basketball Club coaches and also into Ware Rebels Basketball Club junior section.

Girls & Women have exit routes in to local, regional and national leagues programmes at Hertfordshire Warriors Basketball Club and other local club set ups as Ware Rebels Basketball Club is not currently in a position to provide teams for women and girls at the present time.

The primary school coaching package is available from £150-00, which starts off with 6 x 1 hour sessions.

For more information about our community sessions, please contact the community team on